Experts in TV Advertising Production:

Our producers and directors are experts in TV commercial production. We have been a part when created everything from micro-budget commercials to grand scale shoots with stunts and hundreds of extras.

We’ve organized national shoots in every region of Pakistan, from small documentary level crews to multiple film units and set builds for TV commercial productions. Likewise, we have organized everything from underwater shoots to aerial shoots, and working with animals to advanced motion control rigs.

Our highly experienced commercials team is used to meeting any challenge and excelling.

Animation TV Commercials Production:

A part of our unique offering is our experience in both live action production and animation TV commercial production. With TV commercial directors and producers, we can provide the highest level of animation production. Our Head of Animation has been recognized with*******.

With experience in stop frame animation, 3D animation production and 2D animation, including hand drawn (cell) animation, we can meet any brief with a number of stylish executions. View our show reel and read more about our animation production.

Post Production:

In addition, our TV commercial production is further complimented by our in-house post production facility. We have 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Mixing and DaVinci grading facilities, normally reserved for feature film production. Plus our ISDN line means we can record voice-overs from any other ISDN studio in the world, in addition to our own voice-over recording booth.

Our Visual FX team also provides any special FX, compositing and other visual effects tricks to enhance and achieve the desired result on any TV ad production.