3D Animation Production

3D animation is an ideal way to bring characters and inanimate objects to life. Our team of experience designers, directors and animators can work with an existing design to model, rig and animate characters in any setting.

Equally, our animation team includes experienced character designers including ******. Our 3D animation services also include visual FX production, photo real effects, particle effects, and environment modelers and design.

2D Animation Production

In addition to 3D animation, we also produce 2D character animation – using Flash, After Effects, and traditional cell (hand drawn) techniques.

2D animation can also take the form of motion graphics and visual animation, that doesn’t feature a character.

Stop Frame Animation

Stop frame animation, or model animation, refers to any animation that is filmed frame by frame, with a camera.

We’ve produced stop frame animation for TV commercials, idents, bumpers and music promos. Our stop frame animation team includes *****

An over view of our animation services

  • Character animation
  • Character design & development
  • Storyboarding / animatic production
  • Environment design / modelling
  • Motion graphics & FX
  • Compositing / rotoscope work
  • 3D / 2D / stop frame animation