“​Change is a very mysterious thing and  comes in different forms,
from radio to  articles, to films. I just want to be part
of hope – to be part of hope and change.” (Kim Longinotto​)

Laeeq Durrani:

Durrani needs little introduction. In his own words, he is “old enough to know better, but young enough to still be in touch”.

He has guided and developed Maati since it first opened its doors. In 2016 the company moved from a basement in to sunny He I the brain that unearthed the story from just a sub section to Sister Concern.

Durrani is renowned for his Visual work and he has been involved with countless TV programs that have won a range of awards over the years. He prides himself on his attention to every little audio visual detail.

Durrani’s abilities for casting and directing voice and performance over artists and actors are the best in the business.


  • TV/Radio/Online Recording & Mixing
  • Radio Production
  • Voice Direction
  • Sound Design

Farrukh Qaseem Siddiqui:

Siddiqui came to production after being part of Radio, Documentaries, Talk shows, film and television. He started at Maati as a Pioneer.

Since then Siddiqui has worked across all aspects of the studio, honing his technical expertise and creative nous. Whether he’s directing a voiceover, recording TVC short/long documentaries or coordinating sound and visual tone check or design Siddiqui aims to bring enthusiasm and imagination to every session.

Like all the Crew at Maati brings other skills to bear. Siddiqui is a talented Business Manager and something of an actor too. Such abilities give him an edge when dealing with artists and our valued clients as he manages and directs their sessions.

Siddiqui is an expert of genre “Dastaan Goi”. He is mobile Snake Game Champion.


  • TV/Radio/Online Recording and Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition & Production

Choudhary GM Mubashar:

Choudhry at Maati mean master of all jack. Concept writer content creator but can work with screw driver and slide under vehicle. A DIY man, radio and TV personal. Choudhry directed and wrote many scripts, newspaper columns and short liners. Lazy enough not to bother for even basic of camera lens but critic to slight frame shift.